The Asus Chromebook C300: The Bigger, the Better

The average Chrome device size is pegged at 11 inches to make the tool handy and easy to bring around. However, Asus decided to take the risk and offer a Chrome device set at 13.3 inches. This laptop which sets a new standard in portability and sleek design in the Chrome device category is the Asus Chromebook C300.

Asus Chromebook C300

This Chrome OS-based tool is almost identical to its little brother, the Asus Chromebook C200, in terms of specifications. As stated earlier, this device’s biggest advantage lies in its larger display. Users will be thrilled to get a clearer, more spacious view with the 13.3-inch HD non-glossy screen that is guaranteed to give sharper, clearer, and glare-free images and text.

Battery life is also a very strong factor here. Most Chromebooks usually have a battery life of approximately eight hours but the Asus Chromebook C300 will keep on working for up to 11 hours. This is good news for people who are constantly on the move with no assurance of finding an electrical outlet for charging.

Performance-wise, you will see that this impressive device is still a relatively strong laptop performer. Others may be bothered by the fact that this product runs solely on Chrome OS and not on the more familiar operating systems like Windows. However, that is actually the beauty of this product. It will not be bogged down by several other processes and hardware/software clutter that weigh down the typical Windows or Mac laptops. Besides, in a world where more and more businesses are bringing their work to the Internet, this device is already programmed for this new paradigm. It uses an Intel Celeron N2830 dual-core processor – maybe not a Haswell chip but still, quite formidable in terms of computing. This device has already been tested for its capability to boot up fast and to multitask.

As for the design, pictures simply cannot justify how handsome this particular Chromebook is. It is sturdy at 3.1 pounds, with a metal-like plastic in matte for a chassis. The keys on the keyboard are not clunky and are wide enough, considering the smaller frame of this device as compared to your typical laptop. The trackpad is also spacious, accurate, and very responsive. It has the standard specs that you will find among Chromebooks – HDMI, SD card slot, USB ports, an audio jack for headsets, and a 720p HD camera.

For a device priced at $249.99, the Asus Chromebook C300 is already a decent find. It is a remarkable giant in form and performance in the Chromebook category, and this should be your bet if you need a device that will give you a full Internet experience at a budget-friendly price.
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