Computers of patents for increased technology adoption

1. Introduction

as the mature US market and the opposition intensified, providers of IT suppliers adopt new measures to find additional sources of sales. They have invested about was later to grow virtual structures technologies. A number of them is the use of SMC (Social, Mobile and Cloud) technology, Analytics, IoT (Internet of factors) and composite interfaces (combining gesture, movement, facial and popularity of voice). They offer use of technology in growth, commodities and aggressively advertised. Therefore, they are ready for aggressive control. So few leaders say excessive patent likely capacity requirements supplier companies. Maximum companies suppliers seem to be aware of the imminent danger threatening because of the strategic gap in the protection of intellectual property.

2. Patents, hype and Adoption

The improvement and the adoption of a new era follows a cycle of hype. Merchandise was the first building on laboratory tests. They devise high expectations and media hype. Currently, most of the patents cost activities are concentrated in this cycle of existence. Supplier providers rush to cozy IPs without widespread initiative to business success. So, while the second and 1.3 products starting time they have to deal with a large number of patents its existing product domains.

Three. Software Intellectual Property

competitors can quickly launch imitation of modern copy of design, technology or application. There are several strategies through innovative first to protect inventions. Currently, a few players in the environment tried to rise without barriers to competition through IP protection and patents.

In the next section, two issued patents studied, the increasing dominance of technology. These patents do not overlap more simple, but cover a wide genre generation applications. Destination any business can benefit from using IP technology to invite criminal violation of orders.

Four. Digital Dressing

The idea refers to the ability to try on clothes and various accessories such as jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, bags, etc., leaving them physically with the person. This tool is very useful for several stores where users can test a number of options without holding leaders pushed the elements of the cabinets, supports effective inventory management and greater benefit for the consumer. Launched merchandise first generation, there are few examples of successful (basically in line with the pilot implementation) products. But the buzz patent pastime, with many vendors claim to have IP addresses to multiple applications through a wide range of business approaches.

One of the first patents was transferred to Imaginarix Ltd., online virtual dressing. This is a method and system for display of clothes over the Internet, because even if the garment is mounted on the user’s body. As media hype focused on the news and use the theme of the production began several suppliers to explore digitalesabiles dressing his day Innovation Labs, and many of them have sought protection of their IP addresses thoughts or goods of the first generation a comprehensive gender-related packages, including smaller versions.


Idea Geo-fencing refers to track the location of people using their mobile devices. While there can be detected within a certain distance of a retail outlet proximity alerts are sent to their mobile devices. This option is used primarily for digital advertising exploit the human impulse to buy to make use of coupons for a reduced price.
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