Chromebook refers to a new category of mobile devices and notebook computers that runs Goggle cloud based Chrome OS operating system. It is often described as a browser- in- a- box as a result of the only software application that Chrome OS can run locally is the Google Chrome Browser. They are also called cloud books because of the many applications such as videos, image files and documents stored remotely on Google Virtual Servers.

ASUS Chromebook Flip Review.


This machine made by ASUS, is notable on a few counts, as the best known touch chrome book that bends like notebook and a tablet which is more portable. The availability of its versatile and convertible design, affordable price weighing for only$249 less than two pounds, high built quality with metal chassis have contributed a lot to its preference by many people as compared to the chrome books.

However it’s described as the one of the smallest chrome books with only a 10-inch screen, having the capability of 360-degree rotating touch screen and a high resolution of 1280 by 800.More accurate colors are also available although the screen washes out when one dips it forward. The hinges are sturdier enough especially when one is flipping the screen back into tablet mode.

Its keyboard has a small, island stylish buttons which are well spaced, although not comfortable as such for one to type faster. As compared to the other keyboard of a larger machine in which none of the buttons are too small either-Backspace, Enter and Shift are all big enough with well platform of underlying panel for vigorous typing.

The machine is all metal with subtle brushed detailing on the palm rest that appears nice and helps mask smudges. Availability of the ports on the Flip such as USB connections, a headphone jack, power port, a volume rocket, micro-HDMI socket and a micro SD slot ensures that the Flip is well stocked.

Performance and Battery Life.

The Flip runs a quad-core Rock chip processor presumably cheaper option when compared to the other options such as Intel Atoma.With the cheaper one costing only $249 has 2GB of RAM; therefore it’s recommendable for anyone who needs the one having extra speed in its performance to add up extra $30 and get the 4GB edition.

The 4GB edition starts up very quick, an estimation of about nine seconds to the login screen. With the only one odd thing that, much of time is consumed by a long pause before one sees the ASUS splash screen. Therefore it has been noted that Google Chrome has well expanded the list of things that one can do offline with no need of internet connection for Google Calendar, G mail, Google Play Music, Drive or the Google Play Movies and TV.

As a result of this, many third party web apps such as Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader and Pocket are now capable offline and also the availability of section of Chrome Web Store that has been set aside for the apps that doesn’t need an internet connection.

Its battery life is rated to deliver for nine hours without having to charge it, which is more preferred estimate compared with the others. The screen settings are more conservative and more intermittent for use.

The pros and corns of using ASUS Chrome book Flip include the following;


Long battery life.

Sleek multi mode design; accurately and sharp touch screen display.

Good quality.

Aggressively cheaper price.

Availability of saving table space as a result of touch screen and different modes.

It’s lightweight, perfect for traveling.

Hence it can also work offline.


Its display is prone to wash out.

Weaker processor compared with other models.

Cramped keyboard, hence below average performance.

The flip doesn’t produce the widest range of colors, only delivers 61.3 percent on the sRGB gamut scale.

Henceforth with the availability of Android apps in the Chrome Web Store, the Chrome book Flip can be also a good substitute for a regular Android tablet. Other apps that can be also be downloaded from the Flip are such as; Vine, Plex, Viber, Dropbox and Wunderlist among others.

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