Chromebooks are the newest trend in the computing industry because of their innovative way of storing and accessing data. These Acer AC700 Chromebooklaptops store and access user data on the cloud meaning that an internet connection is required for the user to access his/her data.

Chromebooks run the Chrome OS which is essentially Google Chrome that is made more powerful. Chromebooks are essentially netbooks that are sold for a much lower price. In this article, the Acer Chromebook AC700 will be reviewed and analysed to determine if its price is right.

Brief Overview

        The Acer AC700 is Acer’s 1st venture in the Chromebook industry. It was released back in April 2012 alongside other Chromebook models from different manufacturers. The AC700 is marketed solely for productivity use and as a budget-friendly laptop that fits the specifications of a netbook. As the 1st Chromebook released by Acer, it is expected that this product will have many flaws. Let us take a closer look if these flaws will outweigh its useful features.

Product Features and Specifications

        The Acer Chromebook AC700 has a screen size of 11.6 inches with body dimensions of 1.0 by 11.24 by 8.06 all measured in inches. It uses an Intel GMA 3150 chip as its GPU and an Intel Atom N570 processor for a decent computing power. It has a built in webcam, built in Wi-Fi, and built in Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. For connecting to external devices, the laptop offers 2 USB 2.0 ports, an SD card reader, an HDMI port, and a 3.5 millimetre audio jack. The laptop has a battery life rated at 6 hours. It has a RAM storage of 2GB and an SSD storage of 16GB. The laptop comes in 2 variants with one variant having Verizon 3G WWAN.


        As seen in the features and specifications section, the Acer Chromebook AC700 offers the most basic of hardware features. Its features are comparable to those of a standard netbook and even then, the AC700 seems like it lacks power. Acer has done a good job to reduce the price of this product, but this compromises the computing power and storage capacity of the laptop. Perhaps, the only thing worth noting about this laptop is its 6 hours of battery life. The build quality of the laptop was also compromised in the effort to reduce its price. The exterior is thick, chunky, and feels very cheap to the hands. The AC700 has outlived its usefulness and there are better options in the market today. The laptop simply has too much flaws and low-end hardware features. It is therefore not worth purchasing this Chromebook anymore and it is advised to look for current and newer models, unless you are under very strict budget constraints.


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